Don’t you hate it when you have {bad} dreams that are so real you wake up feeling like it really happened?

Yeah, I’ve had a few of those lately.

I have a friend that lives only a few miles from me. I haven’t seen or really heard from her since the end of November.

A couple weeks ago, I had a dream that there was a party at her house. Sometime during the party, a group of people decided to climb up onto the roof……..and it caved in and the whole house fell to the ground and some people died.

Last week, I had another dream about this same friend. It wasn’t exactly a bad dream, but in my dream I had wondered why I hadn’t heard from her in awhile. She finally contacted me and told me they had moved……….to OHIO! What the heck?

So I emailed her and told her that she needed to contact me for real to put my mind at ease because I was worried about her or something. She’s fine. They have not moved, their house has not crumbled to the ground, but she is pregnant! I’m so happy for her!

THEN, last night, I had a dream that Kyle cheated on me. Oh. My. Gosh. The devastation I felt in my dream, I can still feel it inside me right now. It was SO real! I know that he never, ever would, but man. I just can’t imagine what I would do if he ever did. I just want this uneasy feeling that is filling me full of anxiety to go away!


  1. those dreams about the husbands…..I have them from time to time…..they are the WORST

  2. I had one of those not that long ago, and I was mad at my hubby all day….even though he didn’t cheat. He just laughed at me that I was taking my dream so seriously, but it feels so stinking real!

  3. I hate those kind of dreams. Mine tend to be slighly prophetic, altho never about the person that I dreamed about. If I dream my boyfriend is cheating on me then i’ll get a call in a day or two that my best friends boyfriend did cheat on her. Very wierd.

  4. the picture you have with your post is enough to give me bad dreams. ha ha. i do have weird dreams from time to time also.

  5. I tend to have recurring theme dreams about some kind of flood and saving family members. Beyond stressful. And they keep COMING BACK!

  6. I used to have that same dream about my husband cheating on me over and over. I learned from a therapist that it was just me feeling anxious in general and afraid of losing something ie: Your job- could be the thing that caused this one.

  7. I learned from a therapist that it was just me feeling anxious in general and afraid of losing something ie: Your job- could be the thing that caused this one.

    Ahhh, that could make perfect sense! Good to know there’s a reason for it and not that he’s actually going to cheat on me!

  8. I’ve had dreams about my husband cheating on me and it makes me so mad when I wake up; I want to punch him, then I have to remember its a dream

    I never know how to interpret dreams, if there’s anything there or not, or just our wild thoughts but I know some people put a lot of stock in interpreting them, who knows?

    hope you are doing okay……


  9. just found your blog…so glad i did. i hate bad dreams. i had one the other night about snakes. freaked me out.

  10. Sounds like your subconscience is working itself out in your dreams. I know what I talking about, I’ve had the worst dreams ever in the past week.

    I hope your able to find some peace soon. And a new job ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hang in there!

  11. My husband has dreams of me cheating on him all the time, and he’s usually very dream-mad at me. In the morning, he is sometimes distant because he’s not really sure what the heck happened.

  12. I feel your pain, girlfriend!I HATE DREAMS! Ecspecially the cheating ones. I have dreams I cheat on Nick, or he cheats on me, all the time. I feel even worse when I am cheating on him.
    I really hate the ones where I am hopelessly in love with some great guy (John MAyer) and I wake up and realize that John Mayer probably doesnt exist the way he does in my dreams.

  13. WOW – that’s interesting that you were having negative dreams about this friend only to find out that she is pregnant! Are you part phsycic? Can I analyze your mind for a little while? I’m so intrigued by this!

    I’ve had a husband dream like that – I felt shaken for a couple days over it.

    Mike once had a dream that I had picked up smoking. For him, that was as bad as if I had cheated on him! Crazy man – he still remembers it vividly and reminds me not to start smoking (like I’m going to pick up that particular habit after 30 years of never doing it?)!

    Dreams are funny things!

  14. I find myself having vivid dreams when I’m really stressed.

    Look at a pic of Tahiti tonight and that you and the hubby are staying at one of their huts that sits on the water. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I know the feeling of waking up and feeling like it happened. I dreamt not too long ago that 2 guys broke in our house and stabbed hubby while we were in bed. I woke up sobbing and freaking out. He thought I was being overdramatic but I can still recall how terrifying it was. It is even harder when they are so realistic and not far fetched like most dreams. I wish you a peaceful not of sleep.

  16. Those realistic ones that stick in your gut for days… those are the worst. I think everybody has those cheating dreams sometimes and it doesn’t mean anything, but they do feel real – did you kick him when you woke up? JK. Hope they go away soon.

  17. UGH I get anxiety dreams all the time…my most recent wasn’t terrible but it was heart breaking to me.. I dreamt that my bestest friend called me and told me she hated me and never wanted to speak to me again. I woke up with tears still in my eyes…then I texted her and told her she made me cry in my dream and told her what happened. She texted me back something sassy that I won’t post and I felt much better. =]

  18. I have actually woke up crying from dreams I have had. I usually only have vivid dreams like that when I am really tired. It is funny though that God was putting your friend on your mind, that is always for a reason – I don’t believe in coincidents.

  19. Like others have mentioned, I usually have those vivid, seems so real, gut wrenching dreams when I’m really stressed and not getting enough sleep. Dreams are a way of your brain ’emptying out’ the overflow…at least that’s what I’ve heard, kind of like a filing process to clean up all the clutter… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I find that I have more of the bazaar and bad dreams if I’ve watched a movie with the same theme as what my dream turns out (like a cheating husband) or if I’ve read too many bad news stories… ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I hate dreams like that. That shake you for hours.

    Glad everything is ok with your friend.

  21. Lord, I pray you give her peace!

    I hate bad dreams! Last night somone was coming into my house trying to kill me with a shotgun…. then my dog was possessed… weird!

  22. I have had one about my fiancee as well. And they are heartbreaking. Bad dreams tend to come when you have a lot of anxiety over something. Last night I continuously had bad dream and weird dreams.

    If you could, could you please go to http://half12.blogspot.com and send them a message of prayer. They are losing their daughter, and it is so incredibly heartbreaking.

  23. I have had dreams about Carl cheating and it is the worst feeling to wake up to!!!

    You’ve been tagged over at Junior Mints and Reese’s!

  24. oh – I hate bad dreams!!

  25. You are stressed out. Calm down!
    Kyle ain’t going nowhere.

    I have those dumb dream too, and I have been married almost 28 yrs.

    It must be a woman thing, but Papa has dreamed that about me too. He was really mad. Duh, it was a dream.

    It made me feel good that it bugged him so much though tee hee.

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