Book Recommendations for Those That Deal with Infertility

Over the years, I’ve purchased books on Infertility and how to deal with it. Sometimes I buy them and just let them sit, not wanting to “admit” that I actually need to read something about how to cope with this. Sometimes, it’s just made me even more mad reading the books, but in a way, it’s also given me some sort of hope, so I keep reading.

I’m thinking I need to read these again…..or for the first time.

I’m feeling pretty low about it right now. I just want a baby to hold and to call my own. I just really don’t know when that is going to happen, and I so desperately wish I did. We have so many things right now that are requiring our money and I just don’t know how we’re going to afford it all. And then add in the cost of infertility treatments or adoption, whichever route we end up taking, I’m just feeling depressed about it.

So, I pulled out my books to see what I had laying around.

The books I’ve read that have lifted my spirits or given me some sort of hope in the past years are:

I Got Pregnant, You Can Too!
How Healing Yourself Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Leads to Fertility.
By Katie Boland.

I read this one a couple years ago and I really liked it. I have it bookmarked about halfway through, so I guess I started reading it again after I finished it the first time but never got through it again.

Supernatural Childbirth
Experiencing the Promises of God Concerning Conception and Delivery.
By Jackie Mize

I did like this one, but I remember thinking that some of the things that were mentioned in it just seemed impossible. I think I’ll read it again anyway. It had a lot of good stuff in it.

The Infertility Cure
The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies
By Randine Lewis, Ph. D. Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

I have not read this one the entire way through. When I was doing acupuncture, my acupuncturist recommended it to me. It has a lot of good information in it about diet and how different bodies respond to different treatments and ways of eating / things you eat. It’s a good reference book.

Some other books that I have but have not yet read are:

Water from the Rock
Finding God’s Comfort in the Midst of Infertility
By Donna Gibbs, Becky Garrett & Phyllis Rabon

I started to read this one but for whatever reason didn’t get very far. It’s a pretty thin book so I think I’ll start with this one and work my way into the others.

Finding God’s Peace in the Journey
By Lois Flowers

The back cover says:

Together on the outside, but breaking apart inside…

When you’re struggling with the anguish of infertility, questions come that can shake you to the core: Why can’t I conceive the baby I long for when others are getting pregnant without even trying? Why is God letting this happen to me? Lois Flowers has experienced this pain, and in the midst of the aches and disappointment she gently points out strategies that will help you…

Develop loving, helpful ways to deal with family and friends —
ways that can make reminders of your infertility less painful.

Make biblically informed decisions about treatment options —
decisions that lay the groundwork for contentment in the future.

Feel God’s love, and even in deep hurt, pray for His will to be done —
something that can bring peace and freedom in all areas of your life.

Sounds like a good one for me to get into! This will be number two on the list to read.

And the last one I’ve had tucked away in a cabinet for the past couple years…

the infertility survival handbook
everything you never thought you’d need to know
*beating the odds and surviving*
the truth about:
the real success rate of fertility clinics
keeping your marriage intact
what kind of doctor you need
and not going broke
by elizabeth swire falker

If anyone has any others they recommend, please let me know. I hope these books will help someone else out there that is struggling with this as well.



  1. stopping by from sits.

    may this be the year you are blessed with your heart’s desire!

  2. megan, I’m really praying for you and hoping this is your year!

  3. Megan you know that I want this so badly for you too. I hope this is your year!

  4. ((((hugs))) I wish I had a few of these to read when I was going through my fertility issues.

    Hang in there!

  5. I can not imagine how hard this must be for you. I know a little something about wanting for things to be “right”–and why can’t my life be more like everyone else’s. It’s frustrating. I will definetly keep you in my prayers.

  6. Megan – I am sending you major {{{HUGS}}} right now!

    Have you read The Conception Chronicles? It’s really good AND it will make you laugh…a good combination for the way you’re feeling right now.

  7. Hi Megan,

    You don’t me, but I recently stumbled across your blog and have been praying for you and your husband. God has convicted me to be a prayer warrior for you.

    I can relate to the painful feelings you’re experiencing. My husband and I have also been trying to conceive and have not been successful.

    Hang in there. God loves you.


  8. Coming over from SITS…Wow. I can totally relate, and not just in words – in thoughts, feelings, frustrations, etc. I consider myself lucky – I was finally blessed with our one-and-only Miracle Baby when I was 39…I will most definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers! When the time is right, it will happen. 🙂

  9. That’s just heartbreaking. We haven’t tried to have kids yet, so I haven’t gone through this pain. I hope everything works out for you! I’m sure it’ll be one of those annoying things where it just happens clear out of the blue!

  10. Thank you for the recommendations. I too have a pile of Infertility books I keep meaning to get to…..the latest two I’ve bought are The Infertility Cure and The Empty Picture Frame.

    I’ll read those and then come back and check out this list again! Thanks!

  11. I am just stopping by and remembering. I was where you are 9 years ago. Struggling. Lost. Wanting to hope but afraid too. It’s funny all these years later how readily it can all come to the surface.

    My neice and nephew were supposed to adopt twins that were born Christmas Eve. The homeless birthparents backed out on the 26th. It brought back so many feelings.

    I won’t give you the whole ‘I got pg eventually even after the Doctor’s said to give up’ ra ra because I don’t know what your path will be and what you’re supposed to learn from the journey. My story could be inspiring or depressing so I’ll just keep it to myself for now. It’s so hard.

    All I can say for sure is that there IS a path. Everyone who really wants parenthood more than anything else can find a way to it.

    You’re doing the right stuff by educating yourself and taking care of all aspects (physical and mental). May your wait be short.

  12. Megan,
    I don’t know if you’ve come across this blog before, but I thought every little bit helps. It is stickyfeet2 dot blogspot dot com. Yes, she has a baby now, but they’re still dealing with infertility issues for the future, AND if you scroll down the left below her archives, she has a private blog that deals just with her infertility issues that you can e-mail her and subscribe to. I am good friends with one of her best friends, so I know it’s legit. I was going to e-mail this to you, but if it helps someone else by reading this comment, all the better. Hope this isn’t too presumptuous of a comment…

  13. you know you are in my heart 🙂
    i am praying that the love of your wishes will be found in 09!

  14. dropping in from SITS…praying that you will be blessed with a child.

  15. loving this post! i hope and pray that 2009 brings us BOTH babies.

    sorry i haven’t been by, i’ve been on a bloggy break. my reader is totally trippin. i reset it and i will try and not get so behind again!

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