A Mess – Updated

Sorry if my blog looks like a mess. I’m trying to get it to be 3 column. Bare with me. =)


Ok, so I got the 3 columns to work. Now it’s more difficult to find a background where you can see the side columns easily, but I like the 3 columns enough to work with it. (and ignore my old header till I get a new one made ;0) )

Rachael from little bites of heaven has been such a help to me. Thank you SO much Rachael!!

I used this website and followed the directions exactly. Be sure to save your HTML in Word so you don’t accidentally lose everything. I also went through and saved the HTML codes to all my widgets. Nothing was lost when I did it, but I wanted to be sure I would know everything I had on my blog before proceeding, just in case.

I also downloaded Blogger Backup Utility, which Rachael recommended. Just google it and it will come up. Very cool tool!

Hope that helps!!



  1. Oo! You’re getting it!! I’m jealous!! I want 3 columns!

  2. Grrrr! Me too! When you figure it out, you have to give us all a lesson!

  3. awww, thanks for the love! i am totally digging your new look!

  4. i think you well on your way to success..everything is so cheerful!

  5. Looks good! You are a genius.

  6. Hi, I stopped by from SITS. Congrats on being saucy. I wish i had the guts to go three columns, all that saving code makes me nervous! LOL Have a great day!

  7. ohhh, good job Megan! Love it!

  8. It’s looking GREAT! I just sent you an email about stretching the background image to ‘include’ your side columns…with the modified image attached… 😉

    Congrats on being Saucy! 🙂

  9. I like the way your blog looks. Don’t you feel like you’ve learned lots of computer stuff trying to make it work? Congrats on being Saucy this week!

  10. Lookin’ good!

  11. ok, i love the new layout look…the colors are fab.
    and the pic of u and hubs….too cute!

  12. I love your new background. The colors, the stripes, the sun, beautiful!

  13. lookin’ good. i love blogs with three columns..you can put so much more information on them..and i think they look more…professional. :o)

  14. Found you on SITS! I love your blog design!

  15. I’ve been wanting the three columns. Hmm… I’m gonna play with it today. You may be getting a phone call from me this evening 😉

  16. I choose you for an award today! Take a peek at my blog to see it!!

  17. I remember having a heck of a time finding an accurate set of instructions for adding a 3rd column recently. Every time I look for any help for Blogger blogs, I feel like Google is trying to shove WordPress down my throat. GAHHHHH!!!!!

    Anyway, congrats on being saucy this week, SITStah!

  18. I dig the new digs babe! AND to christen the new layout.. you’ve won my first Pay it Forward giveaway! Stop by at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom.. hit me up in the email and give me you info. I’ll be at the post on Tuesday to mail it! CONGRATS! You’re still in the running for the whole shabag Woo Hoo box too!

  19. Your layout looks great!

  20. Your blog looks great ! Just stopping in to say congrats on your Pay It Forward win on Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom Blog !

  21. I don’t know you, I was nominated like you on Amanda’s blog. I love your title because that is what I call myself “infertile myrtle” and a few of my other friends who are also that, call ourselves the IM sista’s! Anyways, I know your pain all too well. We’ve been trying for 8 years to get pregnant, unsuccessfully. Luckily we have adopted an angel who is our world! I wish you the best in your journey…I’ll have to check in on you more!!

  22. I’m paying someone to do a blog make over for me..so I’m so jealous that you’re learning and applying all of these HTML rules that I think are straight from …..:-) Seriously though…congrats on being the winner of the nail kit from Chicken Nuggets of wisdom.

  23. Came over from SITS. I’ve been looking for a new look for my blog and needing inspiration. Thanks!

  24. the three columns is great! I must admit I find it hard to read your text though, the background is a bit distracting…but maybe that’s just me?

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