Moose, Moose and…uhhh…more Moose

Kyle and I collect moose, as I mentioned before. We’ve been collecting them since before we got married and our collection has just grown. We have a lot of stuffed moose, but we don’t have them hanging out in the house. They’re mostly contained to boxes and closets. Some day, when we have our log house, they’ll have a real home.

I decided to take pictures of (almost) all of our moose. A good portion of them are ornaments. Here they are, in all their glory!

My Mother-in-law got these guys for us last year, I think it was. The bucket and sign blink.
(and ignore the shoes, I took the picture before I cleaned)

I have four of these. They’re votives. I didn’t want to unwrap them all, though.

Click the pictures to see them larger.

These guys were being stubborn and didn’t want a clear picture taken of themselves.

I have two sets of the standing pair on the right. Got them in two different gift exchanges. heehee



  1. I love the moose decorations. I think I am starting something similar – a reindeer collection. I just seem to be attracted to reindeer. I can picture them in your log cabin!!


  2. LOL….so, NOW I see why the poor pooch was TRANSFORMED in the other post! LOL
    2 cute LOL

  3. I love the moose! When we went to Alaska with my parents I stood about a foot from moose. It was in a conservatory, but still!

  4. i feel a little moosey love in the air!

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  6. Okay….so seriously. When you have more than one moose, is it still moose? What’s the plural? That has always bothered me!

  7. you have quite the moose collection. i love moose too. when i went to canada a few years back I bought me a stuffed moose and got my picture taken next to a big giant wooden moose. haha i have just never understood what its moose for one..and moose for more than one moose. hehe why not mooses? hehe i like that better.

  8. so much stuff animals…look like santa’s gunny bag

  9. I’ve never thought much about Moose, living in Australia, but I can see now that they’re quite remarkable. It’s even a funny name – Moose. Moose Moose Moose. Hee hee.

    And I’m sorry to hear that you’re possibly infertile. (Can I say that? Is it PC? Can you get it on a greeting card?)

    God does his own thing, hey. Like your blog!

  10. Love the moose! Mooses? Moose.

  11. Are you for real? Wow, what a collection. Now why in the world did you start collecting moose? Mooses? Meese?

  12. OMGoodness that is alot of MOOSE! LOL. What a collection you got there. We have my hubby’s beanie babies that he used to collect when he was a kid, he was to find out how much they are worth, yet they still sit in the box, LOL.

  13. That’s a lot of moose 🙂

    Have a MERRY Christmas!!!

  14. Oh my…those moose are just too much….they are adorabley cute. Never saw any thing like those before.

  15. Love all your Moose items. How many do you think you have now? Really great pics.

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