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Why did I start this blog?

Because I couldn’t get it out of my head!!


The idea came to my head.

I thought about it.

I kept thinking about it.

I thought about it even more.

Then it started keeping me awake at night!

I’m not even kidding.

One night, I could. not. sleep. I got out my phone, went to the ‘notes’ section and started typing out the things that were in my head. THEN, I was able to sleep. I think it was about 2 am or so before I was able to finally fall sleep. If you know me, you know that I have NO trouble sleeping, anywhere at any time. So this was really annoying!

After a couple more days, this blog was born.

And if you are someone that has actually found this blog, and reads it….well lucky you! LOL

I’ll try not to bore you to death. heehee



P.S. I could’ve put this at the beginning of the blog, but what fun would that have been?



  1. Well I found you from SITS. Your blog is cute and I wish you all the luck in the world trying to have children.
    I am a mom of two who on some days would be happy to give them to you they are still the best part of my life.

    Visiting from SITS, your name was above mine on the roll call this morning.

  2. Haha – addicting stuff! I think sometimes we (women in particular) just have too much ‘stuff’ going on in our heads, so it’s good to get some of it out!

  3. 🙂

    I agree with Tranquility – sometimes it just helps to write it all out!

  4. yay! Good for you! Don’t you love blogging!

  5. That picture is adorable!! I’m Kellan – nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy blogging – it can be very rewarding and fun!! Hope to see you soon.

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