My Very Bestest Best Friend

Kyle and I met in 4th grade when I started going to the little private school after the Christmas break. Because the school was so small, there was only one class per grade. We were in class together from 4th grade thru 8th grade.

Both of us are shy, until you really know us. So while we were in class together, we never really spent any time together. And why would we? We didn’t like each other or anything. Kyle was a total dorky, nerdy boy and I was a dorky, non-nerdy girl.

In 8th grade, our class had a total of nine students in it. Five girls and four boys. Our desks were two long tables put together to create one large table, which we all sat around. I still didn’t like Kyle, but he had started to like me. He has confessed to watching me from across the tables, during class.

I have NO IDEA what he said to me one day, but apparently it made me so mad at him that for the next two’ish months, I would come to school every day and chase him around the class hitting him, pulling his hair, kicking him and one time I hit him over the head with a very thick science book. I remember the sound to this day. It was horrible. After that, I still continued to beat him up, but I didn’t hit him over the head with any more books. ;0)

Every year, the 8th grade class went on a trip after graduation. Our class drove through Canada and ended up in Victoria towards the end of our trip. Kyle and I (and some others) hung out together in Victoria, but I still didn’t like Kyle.


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