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My boss and I are pretty close. We joke around all the time and we go to lunch once a month for an “office meeting” but we talk about work for about a minute.

I love her just like I love one of my friends.

But this morning was difficult.

She sent me an email asking me if I did such and such. I responded and in my response I added something about someone else doing something with the items she was asking me about.

After that little exchange, she sent me this LONG explanation about my job duties and what I should be doing and how I should be doing it.

I was a little stunned by her reaction.

I’ve been at my job for close to three years. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m supposed to be doing by now, ya know?

So I got upset with her.

She’s buzzed me a couple times this morning to ask different things.

Then she came to my desk and said that she sensed that I was upset.


I hate that. I didn’t want to talk about it.

But she waited.

I tried not to cry.

It didn’t work.

I started crying while trying to explain to her why I was upset.

I just felt with her long explanation that she didn’t trust me to be doing my job how I should be.

I think I upset her by being upset.

She came and hugged me and told me she was sorry that she upset me. That she appreciates me more then words can express and she’s sorry she doesn’t tell me those sort of things more often. That she has no doubt in my abilities doing my job. (She’s just very anal retentive / OCD about things, which I knew & know, but….)

Ugh!!! More crying.

I told her thank you and that it was all good.

It’s hard not to be upset after that, ya know?

And it’s not like I WANTED to be upset with her in the first place.

I’m ok now.

I hope she is too.

*double sigh*


  1. Oooh I relate here! One of my best friends is now my boss…we were both up for the part. Somedays we have a very hard time defining work and friendship and combining the two to make everything smooth…the best part about it though is having that friendship so that when things get tense its ok to talk about it openly and honestly.

  2. Yes, I’ve been in this position too. I’m a nanny and that employer/employee relationship is on a fine line of friendship/family, which makes it easy for my feelings to get hurt in the occasions when my boss needs to act like a boss instead of my friend. 🙁

  3. hi…just came across your blogs and looking at your christmas lights..haha and read this post.. why didn’t she come talk to you first anyways..instead of emailing you and accusing you of something…sounds kinda immature.. hope it all works out.

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