Diaper Cakes

I mentioned before that I make diaper cakes. I went back and found all but one that I’ve made (since it was for my friends friends babyshower and I didn’t get a picture of it).

This is the very first one I made. It was in 2003, I believe.

(Sorry it’s dark. The lighting was horrible in this particular house.)

It’s cute, but SO FAR from what I do now. This is the only girl one I’ve done, too, except for the friends friends shower. That one was a girly cake.

Then I did this one for my sister’s first baby, Evan.

Then Riika got pregnant with Keagan and I made this one for her shower.

(Just ignore all the water dishes on the floor. Milo could never make up his mind.)

Next was Jewel. She finally has her boy (after 4 girls)!

And then I helped Riika with her friends…..

My co-worker wanted to make one for her daughter-in-law, so I helped her do that one.

And the most recent one was for another co-worker and his wife. Their baby is due on December 2nd, if she makes it till then.

I got a thank you note from them the next Monday (shower was on a Friday).

It was really sweet.

It says:


Ryan & I just want to thank you again for all your work &
contribution to the so fun & so generous office baby shower. The diaper cake is so incredible. I can’t bear to take it apart! There are so many fun, cute & so useful (diapers =) ) items. We are so overwhelmed by your generosity!

Again, thanks for being a part of such a fun day. We truely appreciate it!


Ryan & Amy

How sweet is that? It makes me feel good that people enjoy these and appreciate the work that goes into making them. I love making them for my friends and family!

EVERY time I make one, someone will tell me I should sell them. I just have no idea how I would go about doing that. They’re not cheap to make and shipping them would be quite the task. I dunno. I suppose it’s something to think about for the future.



  1. Those are adorable, Megan!!

  2. Those are perfect!
    I’m not sur eabout the shipping problem, but have you looked into ETSY(.com)?

  3. Very impressive. Instead of thinking of shipping them, have you thought of opening a boutique like baby shower specialist shop, where people can come in and buy? Just an idea… couldn’t help not saying it out after seeing these impressive pieces of work!

  4. Awesome! I’m making one right now for my best friend!! Thanks for the detail ideas!

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