Diaper Cakes


I mentioned before that I make diaper cakes. I went back and found all but one that I've made (since it was for my friends friends babyshower and I didn't get a picture of it). This is the very first one I made. It was in 2003, I believe. (Sorry it's dark. The lighting was horrible in this … [Read more...]



This morning as I was driving to work, I looked over the Snohomish Valley like I do every day. But this morning, it just reminded me again of why I love Fall. I found a few pictures online that sort of give an idea of what I saw, but nothing compares. I wish I could just pull over on the side of the … [Read more...]



Celiac disease is highly hereditary in women. A lot of the women on my mom's side of the family have Celiac. I've been blood-tested for it and it came back negative, but the only way to know *for sure* is to have a biopsy, I think, of your intestines? I've been seeing a lot more about it recently, … [Read more...]

I Love Fall!


I don't love being cold, but I do enjoy a day like today where it's just a little crisp with the sun out and blue sky. The colors of the trees are shining in the sunlight and just making it all around colorful outside.Seems like we switched from summer to fall very quickly this year. One week I was … [Read more...]

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