NIAW: I Am 1 in 8 – I Am Not Alone, You Are Not Alone

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW).  I have been thinking and thinking about what to write because, honesty, the theme this year: You Are Not Alone, is a challenging one for me. While I like to think that I'm an open book, willing to share any and all of me with whomever, I have also come to discover and realize that in some ways, I'm really not.  Infertility is a really tough road!  It's private and personal.  And with our current situation, where my husband is in college, and we are not actively DOING anything to expand our family, I'm kind of in limbo. I actually do feel very alone.  I don't share this part of our life with very many people.  There are very few people in our lives that know what it's like to be infertile and have to actually weigh their options like we do, trying to figure out which way is going to be best to make our family of two a family … [Read More...] Registered & Protected | | Get your own free Blogoversary button! | Online Marketing - |

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