Anniversary, Seahawks, and The Olympics

Is it really February 10th already? How in the world did that happen? I think time is going at lightning speed and I may never ever catch up. On January 19th, Kyle and I "celebrated" 12 years of wedded bliss.  You might know that that was also the same day that the Seahawks won the NFC West and their ticket to the Super Bowl.  In my hubby's words, "This is THE BEST anniversary EVER!"  Yeah, I had nothing to do with that. The only thing I contributed to that day was a ton of food and the gift of matching Russell Wilson jersey-like t-shirts.  I'm sure that's what helped the Seahawks win.  I mean, ME, the non-sports fan, bought and wore a Seahawks t-shirt.  They were kind of required to win! Then, just 9 days later, my hubby turned 34.  Man he's old! ;) Pretty much all of January Kyle was sick and he's still a bit stuffed up and coughing.  My MIL and I got this crud first, … [Read More...] Registered & Protected | | Get your own free Blogoversary button! | Visitors Since February 2, 2009: Hit Counter | Add to Technorati Favorites | Online Marketing - | blog directory

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